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Post by Sonnenschein on Wed Mar 11, 2015 5:50 am

1. Orange Card
1) Evolved from MAX purple card by consuming Soul Stone, Universal Pieces and Coins.
2) Every orange card has 3 talents, one of which is default, and other two need to learn. The 3 talents can switch each other, but only one talent takes effect in the battle.
3) Every talent has 4 talent skills, one of which can be activated by equipping an appointed weapon, and other three need to learn.
4) In this version, we design 6 orange cards, including MT, Brick, Qriest, Elder Sister, Shaman and Hunter.
5) If you have two or more orange cards with the same talent, only one can be put in the team.
6) Orange Gift Package is available at Lv. 90 including 50 Soul Stones and 5,000,000 Coins.

2. Revert Orange Card
1) Orange Card can be reverted to prior MAX purple card.
2) “Revert” is divided into two ways - free and by runes.
* Free: 50% of materials consumed for the following items will be returned.
* By runes:100% of materials consumed for the following items will be returned.
-Evolution: Universal Pieces and Soul Stone.
-Activating talent and talent skill: Soul Stone, Universal Pieces and Talent Certificate.
** Coins, EXP and Skill Fruit will not be returned.

3. Orange Suit
1) Open Orange Suit function. If you collect two, three or four parts of the suit you will get the corresponding buff.
2) The suit requests special class, and can only be equipped for Orange Cards.
3) The pieces of Orange Suit parts are mainly received from Crusader Adventure, and also can be purchased by runes in Mystery Shop.

4. Arena
1) Add the function of displaying video of last Cup.
2) Add the function of viewing the Elimination Result.
3) Show the current amount of players in each Constellation when you choose.
4) Show the place of the opponent in the League stage.
5) Both free and paid challenge times are changed to 10.
6) The unused challenge times on Sunday will be turned to Reputation and Points.
7) The battle record of Elimination can be viewed during the Cup period.
Cool The formation can be recorded only when you win during the League period and the opponent should be among the first 4 players listed.
9) Pumpkin Prince is possible to receive from Champion Package.

5. Guild Tech.
1) New functions are added into this version.
2) Earn extra EXP when upgrading cards;
3) Raise the limit of Guild Member amount;
4) Earn extra Reputation in Arena;
5) Improve Attack Buff in Guild Dungeons;
6) Improve HP Buff in Guild Dungeons;
7) Increase the times of receiving and sending AP in Friends list.

6. Guild Dungeon
1) It only costs 10 runes to reset Guild Dungeon.
2) Open new Guild Dungeon: Hurricane Castle (Open when Guild reaches Lv.11)
** After clearing Hurricane Castle, players who made more than 500K will receive 5 Justice Badges.
** After clearing Hurricane Castle, players at top 10 will receive an extra Lv.90 purple equipment piece and an extra Justice Badge.

7. Guild Shop
1) Guild Members can purchase items by consuming DKPs.
2) Guild President and VP can level up Guild Shop. The more higher level, the more items to purchase.
3) The purchase limit will be refreshed at 4:00 am every day.

8. Mystery Shop
1) Many items, such as cards, card pieces, orange set pieces, are sold in the Shop.
2) Items can be purchased by runes or coins.
3) Items refresh every 6 hours automatically. If you can’t wait, you can consume 50 runes per time to refresh manually.

9. Crusade Adventure
1) This function opens at Lv.100.
2) The adventure includes several stages. Only when you pass the current stage can you enter the next one.
3) Items or Crusade Medallion can be rewarded after passing one stage.
4) During your second challenge after resetting, the Crusader Medallions you can receive are only 50% of the first challenge(The resetting chance is related to VIP level. Players who are VIP 6 or above have an extra chance to reset the adventure)
5) Crusade Medallion is used to exchange items in Adventure Shop.

10. Summon Boss
1) Soul Stone is added to the rewards: One Soul Stone from Purple Boss, and two from Orange Boss.
2) Increase 2, 5, 10 badges respectively to the 3 stages of purple and orange Boss.
3) Add the function of Friends Assist. When you summon a Boss, you can notice your friends to assist you.

11. Money Tree
You can shake or tap your device to collect random amount of coins.

12. VIP System
1) VIP System is divided into 11 grades.
2) Add free VIP Package and VIP Great Package.
3) VIP has own privilege——Different VIP privileges in different grades
Privileges include:
a. Gift a purple Shaman to help you become more powerful.
b. Fight with 4X speed
c. Unlock Autofight
d. Chances to buy AP
e. Max point of each “Fortify”
f. Times of sending or receiving AP
g. VIP can offer a certain amount of leadership
h. Extra times of free “Refresh Skill”
i. Extra times of free “Summon Boss”
j. Exclusive VIP privilege package
k. Paid times of Money Tree and Max Coins dropped from Money Tree
l. Extra times to set Crusade Adventure

13. World Boss
The chance to continue is adjusted to 2 times. At the same time, Boss’s HP decreases a lot, and the prizes are improved.
No.1: Lv5 Soul Stone Package, Justice Badges*4
No.2-10: Lv4 Soul Stone Package, Justice Badges*4
No.11-Top 10%:Lv3 Soul Stone Package
Top 10%-Top 30%: Lv2 Soul Stone Package
Top 30%-Top 50%: Lv1 Soul Stone Package
The more advanced level of the package, the more chance to receive Soul Stone.
If you don’t receive Soul Stone from the package, you will receive 3 Justice Badges.

14. Add Level Package
When you reach Lv91,93,95,97,99, you can receive one package separately.
The package includes 10 Soul Stones, 30 Talent Certificates and 60 Universal Pieces.

15. Gold Gem
1) Add two kinds of Gold Gem with different buff - Physical Penetration and Magical Penetration.
2) Gold Gem can be synthesized by its pieces dropped from Heroic Dungeon. It is the same way to synthesize and exchange Gold Gem as the ordinary Gem.

16. Auto Raid
1) FP is able to receive during Auto Raid.
2) There is a chance to challenge other players when Auto Raid.

17. Adjust the ways to receive some cards.
1) There is a chance to draw blue or purple Comrade from Runes Summon.
2) There is a chance to receive blue Blood Elf Mage in Levadune's Lair.

18. Other Optimization
1) Skill Fruit is added to Solo Dungeon.
2) Add a universal purple card - Nalu Blessing, which can be received at Lv60, 70, 80, 90, 100. Four Nalu Blessings are issued each time. It can help any max blue cards to evolve to purple.
3) Add evolution route to guide how to evolve cards.
4) Modify the leadership of some levels.
5) Add guidance page when failure.
6) Nickname can be selected from the system when creating a new character.
7) Add new Thread Quest.
Cool Heroic dungeons will never provide Lv30 and Lv60 equipment.
9) Assist Medal can’t be sold any more.
10) Add Dragon Egg. Newbies can receive a free purple cards after the egg is hatched.
11) Open a new event dungeon - Skill Tutor, which provide cards with Holy Light and Pyroblast.
12) Lv80 purple equipment piece can be received after Lv75 purple equipment is sold.
13) You can choose several for one kind of item to exchange in the Shop - Exchange page.
14) The card you got will be different from the two original cards when you create cards.
15) The gem you got will be different from the two original gems when you create gems.
16) Optimize “Quick Equip” to select better equipment first (Fortify and enchant effect is calculated)
17) The quality of special effect can be adjusted in More - System - Setting.
18) Dungeon Strategy can display what items might be received.
19) EXP earned from dungeon is related to player’s level and AP needed in the dungeon. At the same time, players with higher level will receive more EXP from low level dungeons.
20) It is easier to promote title in Arena. Each current title is divided into 3 classes. You can receive the original title’s attribute when reaching the lowest class among the three.

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