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Post by Sonnenschein on Fri Mar 13, 2015 5:57 am

You are completely new to the game?

Click the link ⬇️

Beginners Information

How can I make an orange hero?

  • - you need a max purple with max initiative skills 6/6
    - put it in evolve
    - you need soul stones, universal pcs. and gold

Orange Hero level:

  • each 5 levels above 100 (account lvl) you get 1 lvl on your orange card
    Lvl 100 = 90
    Lvl 105 = 91
    Lvl 110 = 92
    Lvl 115 = 93
    Lvl 120 = 94
    Lvl 125 = 95
    Lvl 130 = 96
    Lvl 135 = 97
    Lvl 140 = 98
    Lvl 145 = 99
    Lvl 150 = 100 max

How can I get Soul Stones?

  • - from the shop for Justice Badges
    - from the Mystery shop
    - from Events / Crusader Adventure / Exchange
    - from Events / Summon Door / it drops only from max purple Boss and max golden Boss
    - from Events / all World Bosses = Thrak, Red Dragon, Blue Dragon, Ator

How can I get Universal Pieces?

  • - decomposing purple cards
    - Levadune's Lair
    - world boss
    - arena reward
    - random from Hero's Trial
    - Summon top cards in the shop for 180 runes each day.
    - special events

How can I lvl up the initiative skill from an orange hero?

  • you need Skill Fruits . To be on the safe side use 6x for one skill upgrade. It works also with only 2x but it's random an you need luck.

How can I lvl up the initiative skill from a purple Card?

How can I get Skill Fruits?

How can I earn DKP?

For what do I need Nalu Blessing?

  • This is an universal feeder that can be used in place of all feeder cards used to evolve protagonist cards to purple. For example, instead of a Terror lord, you can use nalu blessing to evolve a max blue shaman to purple. Lvl up nalu to 75+ with pumpkins
    Can be received at Lv60, 70, 80, 90, 100. Four Nalu Blessings are issued each time.

What is Talent Certificate?

  • you need it to learn the talent skill from an orange hero. Every talent has 4 talent skills. 3 to learn and 1 can be activated by the orange weapon.

What is Assist Medal?

What is Divine Essence?

  • you need it to polish your equipment.
    one tip: enchant 1st golden rings, 2nd Dark Elf weapons or armor <--- can't get it in the later versions ... after that only the lvl 90 equip. Keeps gold and time.

How do I use Summon Contract?

  • It is for Events / Summon Door to push the Resummon button. Try to get a purple or golden boss. If it's max you get also Soul Stones.

    And important!!!! : never use equip (sell it and get JB) or gold for to lvl up the bosses. Try to use the unless blue and green feeder cards. You get many from the mystery shop, card summon, friend summon... etc

Where can I get Equip?

all 18AP heroic Dungeons and 0,5AP
normal shop
Crussader Adventure shop
Mytery shop
Guild - What drops where you can find it here:

How can I earn more JB (Justice Badges)?
Do each day:

- all world bosses even if you have a low rank and also if the boss will not die!

- summon door the higher the upgrade the more JB (never use gold! Do it with blue crap cards. You get many from card summon, friend summon, mystery shop or crusader shop)

- normal guild dungeon. You get JB for participating

- sell all the low blue and purple Lvl 75 equip. You get better ones for your team in the higher guild dungeons (alter area and higher) and heroic 18AP dungeons

- all heroic 0,5 AP it drops low Lvl blue equip. You can do it 2x! One after the daily reset and one close before the reset! Sell it and you get JB

- and last but not least

Here is a sensitive issue:

the guild dungeon Zuan Ruins lower and middle and heart of fire lower. 2x purple and 2x blue for only 1 DKP and only for you!
You can sell it and you get JB

If you are strong you can burn down ZRM alone. If you can't, ask an friend to help you.
HOF lower needs 2 people one has to be really strong. You can share the equip.

But your guild members have to agree it and it maybe needs a rotation so no one gets angry. If you have the power to do it cuz you are officer never do it without to speak with your guild members. To protect you for trouble.

The good news you get also more DKP if YOU reopen the dungeon (~500 DKP)
A reopen cost only 10 runes. Ask the President to make you VP.

Where can I find a guide for the guild dungeon Soul Grave and Hurricane Castle?

Sorry, I have no time to translate it but you can see the formations:

Soul Grave




Hurricane castle



Graphic about the individual stages of the dungeons in%
begins from Altar Area up to Hurricane Castle:

More infos here:

feel yourself free and ask below, we try to answer Smile

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Top Questions to 4.1 Empty Re: Top Questions to 4.1

Post by Sonnenschein on Thu Jul 23, 2015 3:13 am

Create Dark Elf pcs

Do the guild dungeons:

Flame Weapon pcs - Alter Area lower
Flame Armor pcs - Alter Area upper

Flame Ring pcs - Alter Hall upper

Flame Cloak pcs - Soul Grave middle
Flame Weapon pcs -Soul Grave upper

create a Flame weapon equip and sell it. You get 1 Dark Elf pcs

Do you need a golden ring but have no JB or leadership for it? Raid in AHU and get the FlameRingPcs! Create it and sell it. = 10x JB and one pcs for Dark Elf Ring! It needs only 3 LP ... Ok it takes bit and cost gold but in my opinion it worth it.

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