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Post by Sonnenschein on Tue Mar 31, 2015 4:07 am

What is Gem?
Players can increase their team power by Gem, that can be also deemed as a team bonus
1. Gem slots
Players can unlock Gem slots according to their levels. There are 18 Slots, divided into red,green,blue and gold, the first 3 colors have 6 slots for each. Gold has 3 slots and is a special gem.
2. Gem Attributes
It features 8 attributes,has a separate boost to Hp,Attack, Physical defense, Magic Defense,Critical Damage, hit ratio, toughness and dodging.
3. Approach to earn GEM
You can exchange GEM for Justice Badges in shop screen.Each Gem pieces requires 3 Justice Badges. And you get it in Arena. Each Gem requires 3 Gem pieces.Gem pieces can be randomly synthesized into a 1 red, green,or blue gem.
4. How to get higher GEM level?
In the GEM Synthesis Tab, Exchange 3 GEMS for a higher lv Gem
5. The GEM's work all day long for all teams and cards and arena.

**** Gem 4.1 **** Gem10
**** Gem 4.1 **** Gemcha10

It is possible to transform a gem into an other gem. Click the create button.
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**** Gem 4.1 **** Image11
**** Gem 4.1 **** Image13
**** Gem 4.1 **** Image12

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