Hunting Evolution sets: Uncommon Tomes.

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Hunting Evolution sets: Uncommon Tomes.

Post by EpicAndy on Sat Dec 21, 2013 6:10 am

The Uncommon Tomes are required to Evolve a **** (blue) card into a **** Elite (blue+).  This means that you will need many sets of these tomes as you upgrade your deck.

The most reliable sources of these tomes are specific Elite dungeons and these are listed below.

Tome 1:
The Depths - Captain's Kookie
Thornfen Downs - Ice King
Beaten Path - Kraak'thar
Cathedral - Skelgron
Dark Entrance - The Controller
Psychic - Blood Golem

Tome 2:
The Red Bucktooth - Arugel
Ghost Tracks - Ancient Giant
Beaten Path - Ironoak
Dark Crag - Molten Giant
Dark Entrance - Wolf Matriarch
Psychic - Mentor Jeanine

Tome 3:
The Garden - Sharpside
Sandstone - Hydra
Beaten Path - The Shapeshifter
Dark Crag - Bartender
Dark Entrance - The Enslaver

Tomes 4 & 5 (both tomes together in a single run):
Throne Room - Throne Room Commanders

Tome 4 only:
Cave of the Vicious - Cave of the Vicious Princess
Cathedral - Dreamweaver
Dark Entrance - Overlord Omnork
Seturmoen - Annaristia

Tome 5 only:
Beaten Path - Latheantis
Cathedral - Dreadscythe
Dark Entrance - Kruos Fang
Seturmoen - The Pale One

Remember that these are Elite dungeons so you can do them twice per day.  If you can spare the AP it is a good idea to do some every day in order to build up a supply of tomes for when you need them.

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Re: Hunting Evolution sets: Uncommon Tomes.

Post by Sarah Kim on Tue Mar 04, 2014 12:42 am

Wow, thank you for this!

Sarah Kim

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