Suicide Squad for Pumpkins Event (Heroic)

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Suicide Squad for Pumpkins Event (Heroic)

Post by Yuenyip1979 on Thu Jan 23, 2014 2:24 am

For the Heroic PP event, you will need to have a 75 lvl purple hunter with max skill so that he can kill the back row at once, a 75 lvl healer, i have tried with Qriest and DO and it works, a blue 75 tank (BB/MT) but no lady

first 2 rounds
Qriest x x
Hunter MT/BB x

the qriest may die in the first round, u can rez her if there are 4-5 flowers drop or just leave the remaining 2 on the 2nd round.

if you get around 8 or upper flowers after 2nd round, change the formation to

MT/BB x x
Hunter Qriest x

if the qriest is not dead but u want to get defected, change to
X Hunter X
X MT/BB Qriest


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