02) Getting started and building your team

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02) Getting started and building your team Empty 02) Getting started and building your team

Post by EpicAndy on Tue Feb 04, 2014 5:19 am

This post is designed to help you to build a versatile team which can handle most raiding scenarios.

Which cards do I need to fight effectively in guild raids?

Guild raids are like amped-up versions of ordinary dungeons.  Eventually, as you develop a full team of high-end purple cards, what works in ordinary dungeons will work fairly well in guild raids.  At first though, you will have to operate a bit differently; more on that in a minute.

What you will need, eventually, is a balanced team consisting of cards which support each other through their skills and synergies.  At its most basic, you need two tanks, at least one healer and several good DPS (damage-dealing) cards.  Having a backup healer available also gives you further options.

An example of a versatile raiding team would be Barrel Bull, Lady, Qriest, Warlock and Thief.  Barrel Bull and Lady are the tanks, Qriest is the healer, Warlock and Thief deal the damage.  Lady provides some backup healing support.  In terms of synergies, Warlock reduces the chance of Barrel Bull taking critical hits, Qriest boosts his MDEF (magical defence) and Thief provides a HP boost.  Another example team would be MT, Qriest, Druid, Shaman, Cannon Lady - have a look at their synergies to see how they complement each other.

Don't worry if you don't have all of these cards - you can always farm them and start developing them towards purple whenever you feel ready.  See this post for info on where to find them.

And those are just examples.  You could go with a different healer, choose other DPS cards, etc.  You don't have to use the teams described above, they are just suggestions to get you started.

If I build a team like this will I be able to smash guild raids?

No.  At least, not straight away.  Raids are tough, much tougher than ordinary dungeons.  Once you have a reasonably balanced team of purple+ or purple+1 cards you will be able to start tanking guild raid bosses and you will start surviving for the full 30/30 rounds some of the time.  The damage you can inflict will skyrocket and you will find yourself placing higher and higher in the leaderboards.  

Even with a team like that though, full waves of trash MOBs will overwhelm you; in fact, even a full team of purple+3 cards can have a hard time against the trash waves in the harder guild raids.  At first, you need to try to target the raid bosses when they are alone and I've made a separate post in this series to help you with that: please see the link at the bottom of this page.

Taking our example team of purple+ and purple+1 cards in to face a boss who is alone, we might set up something like this:

Empty, Barrel Bull, Lady
Thief, Qriest, Warlock

The boss will hit Barrel Bull each round, hopefully not hard enough to kill him outright (the dreaded One Hit Kill or OHK).  Lady and Qriest between them will heal Barrel Bull between hits from the boss.  Thief and Warlock will wail on the boss and do as much damage as possible.

Here is a team of purple+ and purple+1 cards tanking Arlokk, the final boss from Ruins of Zuan (Base).  It's not exactly the team described above either; substitutions have been made based on which cards were available.  Notice that this picture was taken on round 28/30 so this team tanked him successfully for the full duration.

02) Getting started and building your team Photo12

Believe me, the first time to do this and it works, it feels great!

In the meantime though:

What most of us did before we had at least a healer and a tank at purple+ or purple+1 was hit the bosses with our best damage-dealing cards.  We couldn't tank the damage the bosses put out so we accepted that our cards were going to die one after another and just focussed on doing as much damage as possible before they were all dead.

If you target a boss who is alone he will kill your cards in this order:

2, 1, 3
5, 4, 6

Place your cards so the least powerful ones die earliest and the most powerful one dies last.  Inflict as much damage as you can before you die.  And don't feel bad - we all started there!

Once you've built your team up and you're ready to start tanking, please see the other posts in this series which discuss how to analyse the bosses and their attacks and how to set your team up in terms of leader skills and formations.

Move on to: Boss or trash? Knowing when to strike!

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