03) Boss or trash? Knowing when to strike!

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03) Boss or trash? Knowing when to strike!

Post by EpicAndy on Tue Feb 04, 2014 5:20 am

This post will help you to identify the right moment to strike at a guild raid by showing you what you should expect to find based on the progress percentage of the raid.  This is very important if, early in your raiding career, you are trying to avoid the trash waves and target a boss who is alone.  (In general, this makes the fight easier and allows you to score more damage.)

How can I attack just a boss?

This table shows you what you will find if you attack a guild raid at a given progress percentage:

The top half of the table shows the three Ruins of Zuan dungeons while the bottom half shows the three Flameheart dungeons (the 'MC' refers to Molten Core, the World of Warcraft dungeon upon which Flameheart is based).

All you need to do is check the progress percentage of the dungeon you want to fight in by going to the Guild / Dungeons screen in-game then selecting the dungeon you want.  Check the percentage progress then compare that percentage to the appropriate column in the table.  If the table says that the percentage means that the dungeon will be on a trash wave, stay out.  If the table says the boss that you want to attack is alone (BOSS ONLY), have at it!

Note that some bosses are easier to deal with than others (typically because their special attacks may make them more or less dangerous than other bosses) so you still have to choose your targets wisely!  We will be looking at analysing boss information and setting your team out accordingly in a later post in this series.

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