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Official introduction! And MORE Empty Official introduction! And MORE

Post by mrjustin81 on Thu Feb 20, 2014 11:04 pm

My username is Mrjustin81, same as it was on NR, rest in peace ninjas! I've been floating around here randomly asking-/posting a question. I've learned quite a bit and have actually figured a fair amount of stuff out before I've finally made my way here. I tried a few of the games, Sarah and others suggested. Just like NR I have no idea why I become addicted to this!

Currently I'm lvl 102, now, & don't think I'll ever get to 103, still have 300K + exp to go still!!

My current rating is 40194. My main team consists of
Canon Lady+

All have blue weapons/armor with a couple purple helmets and a ring.
Also have Brick+
Ghalim+(and can make +1)
Can make Illusia and Inspector gugmena +1
Have a few feeder cards to evolve the main cards.
Next 12AP dungeon which will be tomo, which feeder card should I get? Would be better to go +1 or evoke a different card to purple?
Thinking can do Shaman or MT so the purples can be +1.

But have a Druid, miss, rogue, hunter, Mage, president , BB, Tyran, Baldman and warlock ready to go. 2Qriest also ready to evolve and wish had they Lady cards then could go +2 with her. But have a long way to go(2 white lvl cards).

Taking a breathe...
Next thing is somehow how I became president of the guild I joined as soon as I was able to try and join a guild. No idea the name because it is in chinese(I'm assuming). What the heck do I do now? I have quite a bit of DKP that I don't want to lose. Any advice I would appreciate. How do I know if a member isn't active?

And lastly, the feeder cards are not as strong as the cards they evolve? Is that correct? ie I should evolve the main cards instead of the feeders.


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Official introduction! And MORE Empty Re: Official introduction! And MORE

Post by EpicAndy on Fri Feb 21, 2014 5:01 am

I'm pretty sure you don't lose your DKP when you leave a guild. It "reappears" when you join a new one.

Feeder cards are not as strong as the cards they evolve.


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