Hunting Evolution sets: Rare Weapons

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Hunting Evolution sets: Rare Weapons Empty Hunting Evolution sets: Rare Weapons

Post by EpicAndy on Tue Mar 04, 2014 5:43 am

The Rare Weapons are required to Evolve a *** (green) card into a *** Elite (green+).  The most common use of green+ cards later in the game is Fusing them to a purple+ (or higher) card to raise its Initiative Skill+ from 1/6 to 6/6.  See this post for more information regarding Initiative Skills+ and how to increase them.

Hunting Evolution sets: Rare Weapons Rare_w10

The Rare Weapons can be obtained from specific Elite dungeons and these are listed below.

Rare Weapon 1:
Howling Cave - Giant Turtle
Howling Cave - Mutalibus
The Red Bucktooth - Fenrisgore
The Garden - The Deadspeaker
Throne Room - Bloodmage
Thornfen Downs - Razorsnout
Sandstone - Warlord
Cave of the Vicious - Rotten Elemental
Beaten Path - Overlord Gorgokk

Rare Weapon 2:
Howling Cave - Pythean
The Depths - Ogre Foreman
The Red Bucktooth - Baron Goldlaine
The Garden - Goolug
Throne Room - Cyclone
Ghost Tracks - Ruganosh
Sandstone - Witch Doctor
Cave of the Vicious - Ice Giant
Cathedral - Atalarion

Rare Weapon 3:
Howling Cave - Serpenton
The Depths - Shredder Foreman
The Red Bucktooth - Commander
The Garden - Rampaging Boar
Thornfen Downs - Ant King
Ghost Tracks - Ghulock
Sandstone - Troll Warchief
Cave of the Vicious - Goblin Tinker
Cathedral - The Prophet

Rare Weapon 4:
Howling Cave - Cobras
The Depths - Mr Punch
The Red Bucktooth - Lord Weird
Throne Room - The Houndmaster
Thornfen Downs - Flame-Eyed Skeleton
Ghost Tracks - Female Giant
Sandstone - Liquimancer
Beaten Path - Thorim Spikehoof

Rare Weapon 5:
Howling Cave - The Immortal
The Depths - Brotherhood
The Red Bucktooth - Wolf Lord Nanris
Throne Room - Arcane Mage
Thornfen Downs - Gluttonous
Ghost Tracks - Thalgim
Cave of the Vicious - Thorn Slasher
Beaten Path - The Stomper

Remember that these are Elite dungeons so you can do them twice per day.  If you can spare the AP it is a good idea to do some every day in order to build up a supply of Rare Weapons if you know that you are going to need them soon.


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