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Post by Sonnenschein on Tue Apr 07, 2015 5:20 am

External Assist

This is the most complicated area. One thing to say at first:
The Buff on slot 1 + 2 always remains for all Teams, whether you exchange the cards or not. 24/7 hours similar to the Gems.
The heroes out of your team can also offer the synergy buff.

The first slot opens at Lv.60 converts its attack into M-Attack Penetration.  Reduced  enemy's m.def, which makes your attacks stronger

The second one opens at Lv. 65 converts its HP into Injury-free. Protects you from enemy's damage

It consumes Assist Medal and coins to refresh buff, but sometimes you may meet debuff. In the event, you can also choose Assist Medal and runes to refresh.

To increase Slot 1 or 2 you can switch between the two  slots by clicking on the hero. You can see on the highlighted hero on which slot you are. But it is made somewhat unfortunate. If you look at the 1st picture, you think that MT in Buff 2 is for the synergies. This is wrong! It belongs to Brick on Slot 1 and it's a whole other topic. Each slot has 2 Buffs. We'll get to buff 2 = synergies later.

It does not matter which Slot highlighted. Both are still active 24/7 hours.

**** External Assist 4. 1 **** Ea10**** External Assist 4. 1 **** Eahp10

Which heros are the best for the buff?

If you use a Hero in the Slot you can't use these card for your 3 teams or in Arena. You have to choose wisely. Or create a 2nd Hero for your external assist.

Slot 1 M-Attack Penetration: use a high DPS (Brick, Mage, BEM, Allure...) and suggested equipment: weapon and golden ring

Slot 2 HP into Injury-free: use a high HP Hero (MT, Howard, Lady...) and suggested equipment: all equip with high HP

How to increase the Buffs?

You need 1x Assist Medal: to get in the shop for Justice Badges, Mystery shop, Crussader Adventure and 2000000 gold
Put your focus first on attack and HP. Don't try to increase the synergies it's too expensive. That means if you see a (-2) on attack or on HP and a (+0.01) on the synergies never click the button 'Replace'

M-Attack Penetration Max: 1000
HP into Injury-free Max: 200


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