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Post by Sonnenschein on Wed Nov 11, 2015 4:40 am

I. Orange Cards
1. New Orange Cards available to evolve:
President, Lady, Thief, Druid, Warlock, Winter, Cannon Lady, Demonwalker, Isaac, Blood Elf Mage, Apprentice, Lightbringer, Fire Captain. (We will introduce these cards later on)

2. Skills of Orange cards adjusted:
A. Hunter
Survival Talent changed
·Adjust the passive effect of “Bogged Down Talent": Any unit that attacks Hunter has a 20% chance to reduce their own hit chance by 30%. Lasts 3 rounds. Can be triggered once only each round.
·Beast Master Talent changedAdjust the passive effect of “Initiative Weakness Talent”: At the start of each round, there is a 30% chance to reduce the back row's Physical Defense and Toughness by 20%
B. Shaman
Elemental Talent improved
Passive effect of “Elemental Wrath Talent": critical strike chance adjusted from 5% to 10%.
Passive effect of “Elemental Surge Talent": Magic Damage adjusted from 5% to 10%.
Weapon activated skill: Crit Damage adjusted from 10% to15%.
C. Priest
The hit chance attribute on Priest’s Orange weapon has been replaced by Magic Defense.

3. Reverting Orange Cards
A. New option: Super Revert: Costs 3000 Runes.
B. Super Revert will also return all Gold spent evolving and unlocking all talents, and all experience upgrading the card.

4. The cost of Gold to evolve Orange cards, unlock specializations and unlocking talents has been reduced by 50%.

5. The text descriptions of some Orange cards have been modified.

6. An additional change when evolving Orange cards: you will be reminded to check the max purple card you want to evolve has the right leadership skill, especially if you have multiples of the same card that can be evolved.

7. Orange cards have been added to the Gallery.

II. Guild War
1. Guild Base
1)Each level 5+ guild can get access to their own Guild Base.
2)Each Guild Base consists of Eudemons, city gates, Institute of War, Military Camp,  Altar and Outland. 3)Each Eudemon appears as a card which can be used to defend a base and will automatically level gradually every day according to the guild’s level. You may also donate Runes and Gold to improve a Eudemon.
4)Each city gate appears as a card which can be used to defend a base and will automatically level gradually every day according to the guild’s level. You may also donate Runes and Gold to improve a city gate. 5)To donate Runes or Gold to a Eudemon or city gate, you must join a legion first. 6)In the Institute of War, you can upgrade catapults, crossbows and other machines which can be used in battle. The President and Vice President can spend EXP to upgrade their own guild’s Institute of War. The higher the level of the Institute of War, the higher the level of machinery of war a legion can use.
7)In the military camp, each member of a legion can put in 5 cards and 1 defensive machinery to defend their own Guild Base. Every legion member can register to defend their own Guild Base, and each legion can contain 30 members at most 8)Legion Leaders can register in their own altar to plunder trophies and start attacking other guilds. The info of legions found in an altar will be cleared at 4:00 am each day.  9)Outland is the portal to launch attacks against a legion.

2. Summary of Legions
1)New classifications of guild members: Probationary and Formal. 2)Probationary: Those who have not been in the guild for at least 5 days. They cannot join a legion. 3)Formal: Those who have been in the guild over 5 days. They can join a legion. 4)Each guild can contain 6 legions at most and each legion can contain 30 members at most.In the legion member list, there are now marks indicating whether a member will launch attack or have set up defending troops.
5)A member of a legion will be appointed by the President/Vice President of the guild. 6)Legion Leader’s powers: register to plunder trophies, search for a target to attack, launch attack.

3. Battle Mode
1)During a Legion War, participants should try to steal as many Trophies as possible. Each week counts as a season. Each season lasts from 10:00 am Monday to 10:00 pm Friday. At the beginning, each legion has 1000 Trophies. Any legion can attack another legion to steal their Trophies. Likewise, when attacked, the legion will lose Trophies. When a season ends, the legions will be ranked according to the number of Trophies they own and rewarded accordingly. 2)From 10:00 am Saturday to 10:00 pm Sunday, Legion Leaders can register to join a Legion War for the coming week.
3)If there are 8 or more level 5+ legions, a Legion War will start at 10:00am the following Monday.

4. Rules on stealing Trophies
1)Legions can steal trophies. 2)Legions from the same guild cannot search or attack each other. 3)Legions can attack starting at 10:00am and 10:00pm each day.  4)A legion has 3 opportunities to launch an attack each day. The Legion Leader can turn on the auto matching option so that 3 legions will be found at 10:00am every day for them to attack.
5)When launching an attack against a legion, you will have a 4 hour window to steal as many trophies as you can.  6)A legion can launch an attack against 3 other legions at the same time every day. 7)At 10:00 pm on Fridays, the legions will be ranked according to the number of Trophies they have. 8)Each player can only join the Guild War in one legion during each season. 9)Rewards for rankings will be delivered to legions. Any player who joined the Guild War and/or donated stuff to a city gate and/or Eudemon can share the rewards.

III. Dungeon
1. Normal Dungeon
1)New Normal, Elite, Heroic dungeon: Prison
2)Reduce the number of Normal dungeons dramatically to relieve players’ stress
3)Increase drop rate of Purple card pieces in Normal Dungeons
4)The 200 drop of a Purple card in an Elite dungeon will be shown by a special color.
5)**White or Green protagonist cards do not drop in dungeons anymore (Please evolve important White and Green protagonist cards before the update is released).  
6)Earning stars in dungeons will now earn you rewards. One time only.
7)The dungeon events (reduced AP, increase chances for equipment drops) reset at 10:00pm.
8)Heroic dungeons can now use Bot-Fight

2. Guild Dungeon:
1)Two new Guild Raids available-”Skulltaker’s Eye & Pit Lord’s Lair”.
2)New powers: Only the President and Vice President of a guild can open a Guild Raid
3)Guild Contribution is also added as a reward in Guild Raids (as well as usual rewards).
4)Guild Contribution can be exchanged for various rewards in the Contribution Shop.
5)In the Contribution Shop, you can exchange Guild Contribution for Talent Certificates, Skill Fruits, Soul Stones, Blue Blood Elf Mages etc.
6)Guild raids will now cost Guild Energy to open. Each guild can regain 6000 Guild Energy automatically every day. Whenever a member spends 2 AP, 1 Energy will be added to their guild. Each player can earn 400 Guild Energy at most every day.
7)Now you can only Guild Raid once per day instead of 3.
8)You can also only resurrect 5 times instead of 10.
9)Guild Raids will not be automatically reset every week, players will need to spend Guild Energy to reset Guild Dungeons.
10)Resurrecting in a Solo Raid is instantaneous (no cool down)
11)Now players can skip the battle in any Guild Raid, and they can resurrect instantaneous, without cooldown.
12)The number of daily Guild Raid resets has increased.
13)Every player’s ranking can now be seen in the Guild Dungeon.

3.Event Dungeon
1)The Skill Tutor dungeon has been replaced by the Unripe Skill Fruit dungeon. Unripe Skill Fruits can be used to upgrade skills of all cards except Orange cards. There is no limit to entering the Unripe Skill Fruit dungeon. 2)Now there is a dungeon specific to each protagonist card, such as dungeon of MT, dungeon of Shaman, etc. These dungeons drop blue cards and can be found in Backstab Squad and Order of Light.
3)Now AP cost of both Order of Light and Backstab Squad is 30.
4)Levadune's Lair
A. Levadune's Lair now has 3 difficulties. It is a high physical damage resistant dungeon. B. The dungeon will be opened from 6:00am Wednesdays to 2:00am Thursdays. Each week each player can challenge the dungeon 2 times.C. Universal Pieces, Divine Essences, Gem Pieces and Justice Badges drop in Levadune's Lair
5)Drop rate of the Normal Golden whelps Dungeon has increased to 100%, and AP cost of the dungeon has reduced to 4.

4. Now dungeons will be listed on the map.

5. Now each dungeon has a featured scene.

6.New Dungeon - Trial of Steel.
A. Trial of Steel, like Levadune's Lair, has 3 difficulties. It is a high magical damage resistant dungeon.
B. Trial of Steel will be opened on Monday. Each week a player can challenge Trial of Steel twice.
C. Universal Pieces, Justice Badges, Soul Stones and Talent Certificates may drop in Trial of Steel.

IV. Equipment
1. Now your equipment’s enhancement level is related to your avatar’s level. The maximum enhancement level of your level 90 Purple and Orange equipment is 50% of your avatar’s level (if it is not an integer, it will be reduced by 0.5). The maximum enhancement level of your equipment will be 80.
Example: If your avatar’s level is 101, then the maximum enhancement level of your level 90 Purple and Orange equipment is 50.

2. Each player’s equipment bag can have up to 120 slots.

3. Enchant 10 Times: will consume 10x the enchanting materials and will eliminate all chances of a negative roll (except on Injury Free).

4. Enhancing Equipment
1)Purple equipment can now be upgraded (level 75→level 80→level 90).
2)When an equipment is evolved, its enchanting stats will be preserved, but its level will be reduced to 0. All Gold spent in fortifying will be returned.
3)To evolve an item, put it in your bag first.

V.  Exclusive Orange Rings

1. Three new Orange rings exclusive to a certain hero: Hurricane Ring (Shaman), Demon Stalker (Hunter), Soul Band (Warlock)

2. When a hero is equipped with an exclusive ring, they will activate bonus talents as shown below:

Hurricane Ring (Shaman):
Elemental Talent→Crit+10%
Enhancement Talent→Hit Chance+5%, Crit Chance+5%, Dodge Chance+5%
Restoration Talent→Crit Chance+10%

Demon Stalker (Hunter):
Survival Talent→Dodge Chance+10%
Beast Master Talent→Crit Chance+10%
Marksman Talent→Hit Chance+10%

Soul Band (Warlock):
Demon Talent→Injury Free +10000
Destruction Talent→ATK+2000
Affliction Talent→Toughness+20%

3.One Pioneer Ring and two other kinds of materials are needed to synthesized one exclusive ring.

4.The two other materials can be obtained from the Colosseum and the Contribution Shop.

5.Costs of creating each ring: Base unit price is 400 merit and will increase by 50 merit for each subsequent purchase. No daily purchase limit.

VI. Gems

1. Gem activation mechanism has been introduced.
1) Each gem activation level can augment stats of Orange cards by a large margin.
2) Each Orange card has its own gem activation section. Only Orange cards get access to the Gem activation mechanism.
3) Gem activation can improve every talent of Orange cards.
4) Gem activation levels can be increased by devouring gems and/or Gem Pieces.
5) The highest gem activation level is 15.

2. Players can customize different gem pages to suit the different roles of a team.

3. Three gem pages are now available.

4. Gems can be protected from being enhanced or replaced.

5. The ”Auto Add” button has been added to gem synthesis. By clicking the “Auto Add” button, Gem Pieces and gems will be added automatically and placed in the synthesis slot.

6. The “Auto Add” option will first choose the lowest level unequipped gems.

7. The “Auto Add” options will choose and add Gem Pieces first, then level 1 gems and at last level 2 gems only.

8. Golden gems will not be automatically added.

VII. Brand-new Colosseum

1. The Colosseum is a place for level 120+ players to fight against each other.

2. Portal for players over level 120 are at the bottom of the homepage.

3. Before fighting in the Colosseum, you need to customize your attacking and defending squads using 15 Purple or Orange cards. Orange cards must be different specializations to be on the same team.

4. When finishing customizing a squad, you need to save the squad or it will not go into battle.

5.  Each player can challenge 5 times each day, and it will reset at 4:00 am. In addition, you can spend gems to buy extra challenges.  After challenging a target, you need to wait 10 minutes before you can initiate another challenge.

6. You can collect Merits (which grows in quantity as time does) once every 20 minutes according to your ranking.

7. The Merit Shop has been added: In the shop, you can exchange Merit for materials for exclusive rings and other items.

8. The Colosseum is the only place you can earn Merit.

VIII. Adjustment of Rewards for Ladder Arena.

1. Ladder mode will not award points but will now award Honor instead.

2. Ladder mode will not award Old Lover Pieces but award Honor instead.

3. When the updates are applied, all Old Lover Pieces will be transferred into Honor where Honor can be exchanged for Old Lover Pieces if you still need to max Old Lover.

4. When the updates are applied, all unopened Champion Packages will be transferred into Honor and players will now not get any Old Lover Pieces when opening a Champion Package.

5. All the items to be exchanged by using points have all been moved to the Honor Shop, and the shop also offers Orange cards and other related items.
IX. Adjustment on Summoning a Boss
1.Summoning a boss now has no cooldown. Each player can summon 2 bosses each day.
2.AP cost of attacking a boss has changed to 5.
3. The HP of the boss summoned now depends on the level of the player who summons them.
4.When a summon escapes, the player who summoned the boss will receive 50% of the Justice Badges normally awarded for a kill.
5. In the list of cards for feeding a summoned boss, the cards will be sorted according to the amount of experience they give.
X. Auto-Raid
1.In the auto-raid panel, now there is also an option to auto raid a batch of dungeons.

2.You can now apply filters to choose 200 drops in elite dungeons, event dungeons, and others.

3.The “Use AP Medicine” option has been added to auto-raid, Bot-Fight and Normal Dungeons, and the 24 hour AP Medicine will be used first.

4.When you are out of opportunities to raid for free, you will no longer be notified that you're about to use a speed medal.

5.The number of Auto Raids you can complete in one click in Normal Dungeons has increased to 10.

6. Auto-Raid Pumpkins and Golden Dragon
1) When reaching level 30, you can auto raid Pumpkins and Golden Dragon.
2) When clearing a Normal/Elite/Heroic dungeon, you can auto raid it (when the new update is applied, you will need to clear the dungeon again)
3) You will get the same rewards by auto raiding a dungeon as exploring a dungeon manually. However, to auto raid a dungeon will cost you 1 auto-raid or 1 Speed Medal.

7. Campaign and Crusader Adventures can be auto raided!
1) Every day after you clear Campaign or Crusader Adventure once, and they are reset, you can [Auto-Raid] them.
2) It will cost you nothing to auto raid Adventures.

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