Hunting Evolution sets: The Protector Sets (green)

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Hunting Evolution sets: The Protector Sets (green)

Post by Sonnenschein on Thu Jan 30, 2014 4:04 am

The green Protector armour set is required to Evolve a card from ** (white) to *** (green).  As a result you may find that you need this armour set quite a lot.

There are specific lower level Normal dungeons where these items drop.  One of each is listed below; you can complete these dungeons as often as you like.  Note that there is no guarantee that a piece will drop but if armour does drop from any trash MOB during the battle it will be the piece listed.

The Red Bucktooth - Feast of Ghouls

The Red Bucktooth - Lord Weird

The Red Bucktooth - Werewolf Guardian

The Red Bucktooth - Wolf Lord Nanris

The Red Bucktooth - Arugel

Hunting in high dungeons:


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