Guide: How to get Blood Elf Mage only for 3.6 and lower

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Guide: How to get Blood Elf Mage only for 3.6 and lower

Post by Sonnenschein on Sat May 31, 2014 6:21 am

Version 4.1 BEM (Blood Elf Mage) is available here:

It's important to find a newbie and this person has to add you with your ID no. and you must be the first added person... After that it will no longer work. It's good when it is a person who will play this game for longer. (up to level 80)

Where can I find my ID?
- click on the button "MORE" in the lower right corner.
- click on the button "Invite Friends"
- click on the button "My ID"

A few ways to find a new user:

1st way:
Sign in with Facebook or Twitter and hope that one of your friends follow your link.

When it works you can also copy the link from Twitter or Facebook and send it via SMS, Email, WhatsApp and so on.
Or create a post here:

2nd way:
When u don't have already 105 friends you can do this:

1. Go in nearby ... search for really low levels 28-45  add them as a friend.
2. after you borrowed your friends in dungeons you can also see low levels! Borrow them and add them as a friend.

After they have accepted your invite do this:
Send them a pm:

Please go to 'More', 'Invite Friends' and put my ID in the invite tab and receive a free Blod Elf Mage Card. My ID is: 100????

(Notice this user get only once one blue card for the first added person)

3rd way:
make an alt and add your main account (lvl it up to 80)
With this second account you can add quite a lot of newbies! Send them a pm with your main ID (description above) 

Good luck  flower

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